Information for Rabbi Garelik's speeches


Brief Bio:

Rabbi Garelik was born and raised in Milan, Italy, where his parents were sent by the Rebbe over 50 years ago (1958). He studied in Italy, Pittsburgh, NY, Morristown NJ, New Haven CT and received his Rabbinic ordination of Yore and Yadin (Dayanut) at the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva from Rabbi Piekarski, individually. He has served as spiritual guide of Lubavitch congregation in Boston; as a Rabbinic coordinator for OK Kosher, and is currently the spiritual leader of the European Synagogue across from the EU in Brussels, Belgium. He lectures extensively in the USA, Europe, and Israel.

Rabbi Garelik has edited many works, including the highly acclaimed "Kitzur Dinei Tahara" and his forthcoming "Guide for the Shliach (in print)".


Title: Rabbi Garelik is the Rabbi of the European Synagogue situated across from the EU in Brussels, Belgium.

When the topic is Kashrus, you may add: Formerly, Rabbinic coordinator of the OK Kosher supervision.



Rabbi Garelik is fluent in Yiddish, Italian, Hebrew, and English.



  • All lectures are possible to be catered for Lubavitchers, Modern Orthodox, Frum, non-religious yet, (-lehavdil- non Jews) or mixed audiences with varied levels of knowledge of the subject. Please make sure to specify the approximate background of the attendees when you order your talk. 
  • At all lectures there are handouts available (even for dinners) – although no prior knowledge is required. [This is so that the time should be used as a learning experience.]
  • All sessions can (should?) include a Q&A time slot at the end on the subject material.



The following is a list of suggested topics; additional subjects are available upon request. Lectures can be advertised with a variety of titles (not limited to those detailed below) to attract your target audiences.



Chassidic Philosophy


  1. Chassidus – Can I be a good Jew without it?
  2. Outreach without Chassidus? An oxymoron.
  3. What is accomplished by putting on Tefillin once – are Jews robots?
  4. The phenomenon of Shlichus.
  5. What is a Rebbe?


Torah Learning

  1. Parshas HaShavua: In depth learning of any Parsha.
  2. Masores HaTorah / Can any Rabbi make changes/additions to the Torah?
  3. Let's learn a couple of lines of the Talmud.
  4. Science vs. Torah: Contradiction or enhancement?
  5. Birchat HaChama: The Torah/Rambam's explanation of the Milky Way.
  6. History and application of the Seven Noahide Laws.
  7. The laws of the Temple – especially during “the three weeks”.


Lifecycles and the Jewish Home

  1. Is being Jewish an accident of birth?
  2. Jewish Education: Responsibility of the parents or the school?
  3. How and why the Shidduch system works.
  4. What's behind that Kosher symbol?
  5. Saturday Night (and day) Live: A deeper view on Shabbat.


In the Synagogue


  1. Are women secondary to men in Judaism?
  2. Mechitza: Why not unite?
  3. Doesn't Reform Judaism attract more adherents than Conservative or Orthodox?


Moshiach and the Land of Israel


  1. Moshiach: 3 part series in depth learning of the Rambam Hilchos Moshiach
  2. Moshiach: Why the time is now!
  3. Moshiach: Will the real Moshiach stand up?
  4. Reincarnation
  5. Two thousand years of exile and endless persecutions. What's the secret?
  6. Israel, the Holy Land, and Zionism.


Surprise lecture: You choose the topic


This talk is essentially a glimpse into the Torah and Chassidus's viewpoint on the world. All audience members can submit anonymous questions—on any topic-- in writing before the speech. At the start all questions will be read aloud. Within your given timeframe (min. 45 min.) the questions will be resolved, and participants will gain an understanding of Judaism, and the Torah view of life, social issues, and the world at large.


Unifying the Lubavitch Community


  1. Minhagei Chabad vs. Halacha. Getting the facts about what went on and goes on in Lubavitch.
  2. Yomo Depagro – Vov Tishrei, Yud Shvat, Yud alef Nissan, Giml Tamuz etc.


Rabbi Garelik is fluent in Yiddish, Italian, Hebrew, and English.